Truth is, we’re a lot like you — regular people who value relationships.

And when we stumbled upon the fact that, so far, no one had created, we were a little shocked.

And intrigued about the possibilities.

Besides being human beings who have relationships with others, we happen to have a few credentials and skills that help bring this all together.

We are:

A surgeon and serial entrepreneur

A human development writer, social worker, therapist

A web designer, entrepreneur, filmmaker and voluntaryist

Our contributors are fellow humans who happen to be experts in their fields, and who have devoted a lot of professional time to understanding and communicating about jealousy.

All of us marvel at human relationships, what makes them work, and what divides them.

All of us find jealousy is a universal issue, and that we seem to be imprinted with such responses. has become an opportunity for us to make a difference by bringing needed information and a sense of community to many through the wonder of the Internet.

Will it be possible to dampen the impact of the jealousy that has ravaged relationships through the ages? Time will tell. But we are sure going to give a strong go at it!