So you’ve given it some thought and decided that you want to feel and do things differently, but you don’t want a professional’s help with the process. Fortunately, the Internet is ripe with possibilities for you! Maybe a little too ripe… How do you avoid the overly-biased, ill-informed, and flat-out useless material and find the really good stuff?

Here are some places where you might find what you’re looking for — wisdom and advice from those who know, but without the requirement of personal contact:

Life Coaches

Life Coaches are people who offer advice and guidance, usually for a fee (so, technically, they are pros — but much of their wisdom is available for no charge), and are sometimes (but not always) licensed in a related helping profession.

Gary van Warmerdam Overcoming Jealousy, and Control in Relationships” on his site Pathway to Happiness.

David Bonham-Carter, a self-help author in the UK, offers an abbreviated version on Overcoming Jealousy of what he discusses in an e-book, which you can also purchase there.

Doris Jeannette responds at length to the question “How can I overcome the insecurity-fear-jealousy-sadness-resentment that I feel when my partner focuses on his daughters?” at Trans4Mind, a “personal development” service.

Other Professionals

Brian Rzepczynski, DHS, MSW, on his site The Gay Love Coach, has collected and catalogued his responses to readers’ questions over the years. You’ll find several on the topic of jealousy under “Partners in Relationships: Jealousy & Insecurity.”

Mark Tyrrell, HGDip, DipHypNLP(BHR)offers not only 7 Tips for Overcoming Jealousy in Relationships” on Uncommon Help, but also a related, free audio relaxation session right on the page.

Zachary Stockill says that his primary credentials in this arena are personal: his site,, springs from his own experience and is now also informed by the input of thousands more people who are bothered by “constant, often obsessive thoughts and curiosity regarding a partner’s past.” He offers a blog, a guidebook, and a video course, but a good, quick starting point might be the site’s Solutions Archives.

There’s more to come — And if you have expertise in helping people deal with jealousy, get in touch. We’d like to feature you!