Jealousy is a trickery-filled experience: Even though your emotions may feel targeted at someone else, there are painfully self-critical thoughts below that boiling surface. So, is your jealousy due to someone else’s actions or even just their thoughts? Or is this jealousy your own fault? Does it have to be one or the other? It… Read more.

As we’ve mentioned on other pages (like “What is Jealousy?”) experiencing jealousy is a human thing. Sure, there are people who seem to or say that they never experience jealousy — and a few of them may be right. But for most people, jealousy comes up somewhere in their lives… Read more.

Some people’s immediate response to being “accused of” expressing jealousy is “So what?” And that’s not necessarily wrong or bad. After all, as we discussed in other articles jealousy is a common human experience. We even talked about some of the possible reasons why someone might feel jealous in Why Do I Feel Jealous?… Read more.

If you’re starting to wonder whether it’s time to worry about your own jealousy experience, you might find some answers by talking with trusted friends whose viewpoints you respect. Or you may want to do a little more research on your own and communicate with the real expert on your life: yourself. Here are some… Read more.

You don’t have to be “crazy” to talk to a mental health professional (but if you think you are “crazy,” that’s okay, too.) In fact, think of it as similar to other things you might do in your life to make it better, like seeing a doctor when you’re ill, consulting a financial expert to… Read more.

So you’ve given it some thought and decided that you want to feel and do things differently, but you don’t want a professional’s help with the process. Fortunately, the Internet is ripe with possibilities for you! Maybe a little too ripe… How do you avoid the overly-biased, ill-informed, and flat-out useless material and find the… Read more.