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As we’ve mentioned on other pages (like “What is Jealousy?”) experiencing jealousy is a human thing. Sure, there are people who seem to or say that they never experience jealousy — and a few of them may be right. But for most people, jealousy comes up somewhere in their lives. Read More…

Some people’s immediate response to being “accused of” expressing jealousy is “So what?” And that’s not necessarily wrong or bad. After all, as we discussed in other articles jealousy is a common human experience. Read more…

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The True Nature of Jealousy
Fear of loss of romantic partner and indignation at having been treated unfairly


Most people have experienced jealousy at some point in their life. We usually know how to identify the emotion when it appears in ourselves, and we are fairly good at telling when others experience jealousy on the basis of their actions. But what exactly is jealousy? Read more…


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Jealousy is so common, you could say that virtually any helping professional has encountered related situations among their clients. You can find a professionally-licensed psychotherapist on several website directories, including those listed in our Resources section. Read more…

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