Our Mission Statement: Cultivate awareness and understanding of the common experience – jealousy – by offering high quality information that addresses those difficult situations in relationships. Our goal is to significantly improve the lives of those who are negatively affected by jealousy.

What is Jealousy ?

-Is jealousy a feeling, a thought, an emotion, or something else?
-Is it jealousy, or is it envy?
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Personal Jealousy

-Why do I feel so jealous?
-I feel guilty about being so jealous
-I think it’s okay for me to be so jealous
-Should I be worried about my jealousy?
-Should I see a professional?
-Learn ways to help yourself

They Are Jealous

-Why do others become so jealous?
-I like that they’re jealous
-How can I help them stop being so jealous?
-Should I be afraid of their jealousy?
-Should you get professional help when they’re jealous?
-Help yourself when they are jealous