Why do others become so jealous?

Some people — even experts — say that experiencing jealousy is an inevitable part of being human. So even if you’re concerned right now about someone else’s jealousy, there’s a strong chance that you’ve experienced jealousy before, too. And keeping that in mind — that you’ve been in their shoes, even if only sort of […]

I like that they’re jealous

For some people, expressions of someone else’s jealousy can feel like a good thing. It’s not rare to hear in casual conversation comments about how “making someone jealous” might be a normal, desirable part of human relationships. Some might even suggest it as a technique for making a relationship better. Perhaps, as you’ve experienced a […]

How can I help them stop being jealous?

Someone in your life is jealous, and you value the relationship enough to not simply walk away. But you’re tired of the tension their jealousy can bring to every interaction. And they don’t like it either. You know that only they can be in charge of their own thoughts and emotions, like jealousy. But is […]

Should I be afraid of their jealousy?

First and Foremost: If you’re worried for your well-being or the well-being of others, you may need to consider taking immediate steps toward safety. There are no words in this or any other website that can make you safer, cure someone else’s jealousy, or provide immediate protection for you or others. If you are in […]

Help yourself when they are jealous

You’ve weighed the options and decided that you’d like to make things better, but you don’t want a professional’s help with the process (at least, maybe, for now.) The Internet is rich with advice, but how good is it? We’ve located a few sources for assistance that are available online (and there will be more […]

Should you get professional help when they are jealous?

You don’t have be the one feeling jealous to benefit from talking to a mental health professional. You could think of it as similar to other things you might do to enhance others’ lives, as well as your own, like reading a book to boost your understanding, sending encouraging notes, or consulting with friends. Many […]