You’ve weighed the options and decided that you’d like to make things better, but you don’t want a professional’s help with the process (at least, maybe, for now.) The Internet is rich with advice, but how good is it?

We’ve located a few sources for assistance that are available online (and there will be more to come soon) and offer a bit more than simply reading material:

The late Peter K. Gerlach, MSW used his combined long careers in engineering and social work to create an online self-help program called Break the Cycle! You’ll find many links there to written and embedded-video content. A good starting point for you: Manage Excessive Jealousy in Yourself or Others.

Zachary Stockill’s credentials in this arena are personal: his site,, springs from his own experience and is now also informed by the input of thousands more people who are bothered by “constant, often obsessive thoughts and curiosity regarding a partner’s past.” This is an opportunity for you to hear from someone who may have some things in common with the jealous person in your life. In addition to the blog, a guidebook, and a video course, he offers two articles specifically for people with jealous partners: Help! My partner suffers from retroactive jealousy…  and Mailbag: When a Jealous Boyfriend Won’t Admit He’s Jealous.

Cathy Vartuli is an Emotional Freedom Coach who presents “Dealing with Other People’s Jealousy” on Thriving Now. The article incorporates advice on the use of EFT, also known as “tapping,” and even if you’re not interested in that technique, the piece has some sound advice.

Elly Prior is licensed in the UK as a therapist but now offers free advice on her site aka Your Relationship Matters. Her article, Dealing with a jealous partner is one of the best out there. And if you’re intrigued about the possibility of online counseling, she does link to an expert-finding service called Presto Experts at the bottom of this page.

There’s more to come — And if you have expertise in helping people deal with jealous partners, Manage Excessive Jealousy in Yourself or Others. We’d like to feature you!